Exonet Overview

Easy to Use

Exonet is an extremely complicated piece of software hidden beneath a user interface that is as straight forward as any of your other desktop applications. Exonet’s advanced customisable menu structure only exposes users to areas that they need. An on-line help system and rollover prompts, make it even easier for new users to get their bearings when navigating the system.

An open platform

Exonet’s SQL database is industry standard and completely open. That means all of your data is accessible to report on. It also means that other applications can be custom written to use information from within Exonet, making it one of the most flexible and powerful business systems available for the small to medium enterprise.

Priced to fit

Exonet’s pricing structure makes it possible for all companies, regardless of size, to get up and running with the latest version of Exonet 6000.It offers a vast array of functionality, recognising that your company’s issues are often just as complex as those faced by much larger companies. Exonet’s pricing structure makes it possible for companies with only 4-5 users to get up and running with the latest version of Exonet 6000.

Is Exonet the right product for me ?

All of your information in one place

Exonet is an integrated range of business applications. It allows you to enter information once, e.g. customer details, and then makes that information available to any other Exonet product and even to other desktop applications e.g. Microsoft ®Word, Excel and Outlook. Exonet becomes the hub of your business solution, allowing you to use all of your applications with a common set of data. This allows the system to support multiple customer contact points, e.g. in-store, telesales, web, field rep and your accounts team.

Flexible and powerful reporting

Exonet comes complete with over 60 standard reports allowing you to quickly retrieve information on customers, suppliers, inventory and finance. Even more exciting is your ability to generate completely customised reports giving you information that helps you manage your unique set of business issues.

A system that will grow with your business

Exonet is a true multi-user system built on the most robust, industry standard technologies available. You can choose a system based on either Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 or Borland’s Interbase Database platform. Both systems provide integrity of data and performance that outstrip many of our competitor’s products. No more one-sided or incomplete transactions. Exonet can run as a single user application and can scale to support hundreds of concurrent users.

Customised security

Exonet’s security system allows for a unique login for each user. Separate menus can be created per user or per user group allowing your systems administrator to customise access to the system. In addition to keeping the system secure, customised menus also assist new users in getting to know the system as they only see menu items that are relevant to their specific role.

Robust accounting process

Exonet’s business applications are fully integrated with the general ledger. Exonet ensures accounting integrity and control for every business transaction .This makes sub-ledger reconciliation a breeze and as all transactions are transparent to the user, provides easily traceable audit trails for your accountants.

Work from anywhere

Exonet has been developed with the Internet in mind, making it easy for you to manage a remote branch, work from home or provide a mobile sales team access to the system from the field. Built using 3-tier architecture, Exonet software is broken up into three separate layers, allowing it to run extremely efficiently over the Internet, even with a 56K dial up modem.

Make your presence felt on-line

If you already have an on-line store or are considering taking your first steps into e-commerce, you’ll be pleased to know that Exonet’s Easyshop product integrates directly with Exonet 6000, providing you with real-time web-transaction processing. Easyshop can be customised to incorporate your corporate identity, will run standalone or can be integrated into your existing website if required.

More about Exonet

Exonet specialises in highly configurable out-of-the-box business software and integrated e-commerce solutions for medium and small businesses.

Exonet provides you with the information you need to make quick, profitable business decisions as well as integrated powerful web-strategies.

A new breed of financial packages, Exonet centralises all business processes into one database and eliminates unnecessary duplication of information in your business. Contact and document management are built-in so you can make the most of your customer and supplier relationships.

You can also design your own reports, extracting the information you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. And when you're ready to go on-line, Exonet is fully web-enabled and integrates with our Easyshop web-store product for business-to-business or business-to-consumer transaction handling.

Over 800 companies and over 3000 users in three countries use Exonet daily to gain significant business benefits, including reduced operating costs, increased margins, better stock control, improved efficiencies and greater visibility of all business functions.

A Full Suite for Mid-Sized Businesses. The Exonet suite of business software includes:

Exonet Core

Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Stock Control, Back to Back ordering, Serial number tracking, General Ledger, Multi Currency, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Integrated cash book, Pricing table, Works orders, Time Billing, Point of sale, Contact management, Report writer, GST compliant, Payment processor, Batch Control, customer and document management and more. This module is the core to the Exonet system and is used by all clients.

Job Costing

Completely integrated with purchasing, inventory and invoicing, Job Costing provides a powerful and feature-rich tool for staying on top of projects. Job Costing features an easy-to-use variance analysis tool for rapid review of job efficiency.

Retail Management

This application assists retail companies to manage their business more effectively and more intuitively. With the ability to schedule price changes, manage inventory and account customers as well as an all new enhanced POS system, Retail Management is a powerful extension to Exonet.

Sales Order Workflow

A powerful fully-featured and highly customised module, designed for where there are multiple stages in production. Each stage can be configured to have multiple consequences or choices.

Easy Shop

A web-based 'shop' linked directly into the Exonet back end software. Your customers are able to view and securely order products on-line, buy directly and view their own debtor history and buying history, etc. Orders appear in the e-business engine without the need for manual re-entry, and price or product changes made in the core stock system will automatically be represented on the web.

Asset Register

Tracking business assets is made simple with Exonet's Asset Register. Asset Register is completely integrated with Exonet general ledger to ensure financials are kept up to date at all times.

Exonet DCE for WAN and Internet Deployment

Multi-branch and WAN: Exonet has built in the ability to run in a WAN environment either self- or outsource-hosted. You can also choose to pay for Citrix or Terminal Services deployment but Exonet's WAN and internet capability is included.