Who would benefit from this service?

Organisations which adopt a short term planning strategy, with no long term goals and no vision of where they want to be in the future, are the least likely to survive. Every growing business therefore needs an “integrated overarching plan of how the business will achieve its objectives.” (Hambrick & Fredrickson, 2001)

Processes and Programs Used

The Strategic Planning Program (Click to view a fact sheet)

Our program will help define the core of the business, and then the choice of operations to be implemented. The program assists with the planning of activities to get your “forces” into favourable positions.

The CPM System: Conceptualise – Plan – Monitor (Click to view a fact sheet)

Designed for organisations that require formal systems to manage the strategic planning and steering functions. Based on the ZOPP methodology, which is being used in 2200 major projects in 126 countries.

Participative Planning Facilitation Process (Click to view a fact sheet)

An inclusive planning process, which involves the commitment of all role players from the very start and encourages participants to take ownership of the process — and the results.

Strategic Planning Presentation (Click to download PDF - 500Kb)

A presentation giving an overview of the strategic planning process, and its benefits. Use your arrow keys to navigate through the presentation once you have clicked the link.