Who would benefit from this program?

This program is designed for medium organisations (10 to 100 employees) to large organisations (more than 100 employees). It is of critical importance for all organisations contemplating growth to have a current strategic plan in place to guide decision-making. A specialised Strategic Planning Program is available for organisations that wish to review their existing strategic plans.

What does it involve?

The stakeholders are guided through a process to identify the Core Purpose, Core Values, Beliefs and Philosophies, and the company Goals. A thorough internal and external analysis of the organisation and its environment is undertaken. Strategies are devised in consultation with the client. Mentoring services are available at an attractive rate.

The Package



  1. Preparation

Establish where the client is now, and where the client wishes to be in the future.

  • Preparation may involve a customer survey, staff survey, or an organisational effectiveness profile.
  1. Full day Strategic Planning Session

A participative workshop with key players in the organisation.

  1. Comprehensive Workshop Report

The proceedings and outcomes of the workshop are documented.

  1. Indicators

A session with management to decide on appropriate measurements of performance.

  1. Strategic Plan

All of the information gathered is analysed and compiled into a comprehensive strategic plan.

  1. Follow-up support and mentoring

To assist the client with implementation of the key strategies identified in the Strategic Plan, a monthly feedback program can be tailored to the client's needs.

Cost and Duration

Prices vary. Please speak to Baskin Clarke Consulting and arrange for an initial consultation. A quote will be given based on the assessment at that stage. Payment of 25% is required on initiation, followed by progress payments with the balance on completion. Credit card payments and direct debits are accepted.

(Note: Some businesses may qualify for a subsidy from the Department of State and Regional Development towards the costs of the strategic planning program.)

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