Who would benefit from this program?

Any organisation with more than 10 employees and up to thousands of employees. The system involves people in the change process, and gives management an accurate picture of what employees or stakeholders see as the priority areas for improvement.

What does it involve?

Our web-based survey allows us to canvass the opinions of everyone in an organisation, wherever they may be. Not only can the organisation be profiled horizontally (for example, by division, state, and department) but it can also be profiled vertically (for example, by senior executives, middle management and non-management)

The views of all stakeholders are gathered through a unique questionnaire that rates the capability of the organisation in the three areas of:

  • Strategic intent
  • Business processes
  • Culture and Behaviour

More details

See the Powerpoint Presentation downloadable here for more details on Organisational Effectiveness Profiling. Please note that the slideshow is 500k adn may take a few minutes to download.

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