Who would benefit from this program?

This service is designed to address the needs of large organisations. The organisation must have an efficient IT system in place from which detailed historical and current data extracts can be provided.

What does it involve?

“The UOP project is designed to be a tool for the most senior levels of an organisation to understand the present architecture and balance of their enterprise and to determine the basic causes of profitability (or lack of profitability) and efficiencies (or lack of it) by having all the relevant low level and basic operational detail included in the UOP. Not only is all relevant low level detail captured, but the linkages between data from very diverse operational areas is also captured. This has not been done before...”

— Prof. Chris Peterson
Department of Computer Science

Organisations accumulate and store huge amounts of data. Analysis of the data can provide invaluable management information, but the larger the organisation the greater the probability that sheer volume of data and number of systems will prevent accurate analysis.

Our Universal Organisation Profiler (UOP) system is underpinned by a unique whole of business framework ensuring that data from every area of the business can be dynamically cross linked and analysed. This removes the need for expensive and less flexible “dice and slice” Business Intelligence systems commonly used for these purposes.

Our service involves an initial “calibration” process to identify the data extracts required to accurately profile the individual business. Thereafter the interactions between functional areas in the organisation (for example, Research and Development, Marketing, Procurement, Production) are measured.

The organisation's performance is then analysed using the details of every individual transaction, obviating the possibility of sampling error. The sophisticated software is able to combine all these elements, and to provide a concise, accurate and factual report tailored to the specific needs of senior management.


Advantage ”

Senior management is provided with deep insights into the workings of their organisation not available from other performance analysis systems. This takes the form of accurate, reliable, relevant and punctual information on which decisions can be based.

The monthly management reporting becomes an automatic process. Performance is tracked against strategic targets, ensuring that operational improvements are in line with strategy.

The analysis reveals “leakages”, “blockages”, best performance, profitability of products and individual customers, and enables internal benchmarking against achievable targets. Senior management defines the reporting frequency and schedule to avoid information overload.

A monthly review of actual performance against past performance, targets and benchmarks is presented to top management by a senior consultant.


The system has been developed through working with two of Australia’s leading international companies and is only now being made more widely available.

Issues related to system capacity and the high cost of development have now been overcome and the service is both reliable and comparatively inexpensive when measured against the cost of licensing, installing and maintaining a conventional Business Intelligence system.


The cost of the system comprises an initial “calibration” fee and a monthly subscription that includes analysis and regular reporting to senior management.

A quotation will be provided after initial consultations to determine the existing IT specifications and the specific reporting requirements.

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